4 Tips for Awesome Abs

1.  Eat Less Food!
This one is number 1 for a reason.  No matter how good your exercise regimen is, no matter how good the quality of the food you eat, if you are eating too many calories, your abs have no chance.  The number 1, MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do if you want great abs is to eat less food.  Cut back on the calories!  A good way to start is to weigh yourself, then track how many calories you eat each day for a week, and weigh yourself again at the end of that week.  If your weight is down, congratulations, just keep up the good work!  If it’s the same or higher, cut back your daily calorie amount by about 500 calories, and weigh again next week.  Once you find the number that works best for you, stick to it!

2.  Cut Back on the Cocktails and Soda, and Drink More Water!
If everything about your diet is perfect, but you enjoy a glass or two of wine at night…or maybe a few nights a week, you may be sabotaging all of your efforts.  Alcohol is high in calories, and low in nutritional value.  The extra calories from drinks can add up quickly, and you can undo a weeks worth of effort in a single night of fun.  Soda can also sabotage your efforts.  Diet soda is better, but you should limit the amount you have, and eventually try to eliminate it from your daily routine all together.  The best thing to drink if you want great abs is water, and A LOT of it.  A lack of water can cause all of your body’s systems to slow down, including your metabolism.

3.  Lift Some Weights!
abs momShort, intense exercise is the way to go if you want great abs.  Strength training will burn calories, and increase your metabolism.  Having a great stomach is simply a measure of how much fat there is covering your abdominal muscles.  The less fat, the better the abs!  There is no such thing as spot treatment, meaning that exercising the muscles in your stomach will NOT make the fat on your stomach disappear, so doing 1000 crunches isn’t the way to a flat stomach.  The best way to burn fat is by elevating your metabolism, and this is done best through strength training.  Lifting weights, or performing interval training, 3-4x a week, for 30-45min, is the best way to torch the fat off your stomach.  Short, intense workouts are WAY better for fat loss than long slow ones.


4.  Eat More Often, and Eat Better Food!
Eat breakfast!  And continue eating a total of 4-6 small meals throughout your day.  Do not wake up and eat sugar!  Eat PROTEIN at EVERY meal.  Cut out refined sugars, and anything that comes in a box or wrapper.  The majority of your food should be protein in the form of meat, fish, eggs, nuts, or beans, and the remainder should come from primarily vegetables, and fruit.  Limit your intake of everything else.

Chances are, if you don’t have the stomach you want just yet, and if you’re honest with yourself, you aren’t doing at least one of these 4 things.  So, if you’re serious about getting the stomach you want, then take these 4 tips and USE them.  Challenge yourself to try these tips out for a MINIMUM of 4 weeks, and see what happens.  Be CONSISTENT with all 4 tips, and I guarantee results.