Q: What is EasyFitMom?

A:  EasyFitMom is a tool to help moms lose the baby weight. It is unique, because it is completely customized. It has four parts: The Assessment, the Nutrition Center, the Fitness Guide, and the Success Tracker.

ASSESSMENT: You begin by completing an assessment which will calculate your daily calorie intake based on your height, weight, activity level and amount of breastfeeding. Once you have signed up, you will land on a page that has two charts. The first, graphically displays your current weight, and your goal weight with an estimation of how long it should take you to get to your goal weight, following this program. The second, is a chart that shows the recommended number of calories you should consume on a daily basis.

NUTRITION CENTER: Your recommended daily calorie intake auto-populates the Nutrition Center. Here you will have hundreds of healthy recipes, food items, fast food/restaurant options, and snack ideas to select from. As you select your meal/snack items the calories are calculated and displayed on a bar chart. You can sort by food type (ex. Italian) and you have the ability to select for one day or the entire week. Based on your selections a grocery list is generated. There is also a Search feature that allows you to select ingredients you have in your refrigerator, then it will show you healthy recipes that contain those ingredients. In addition, if you can’t find what you are eating in the database, there is a Nutrition look-up tool that allows you to find nutritional information. It also has relevant articles and other tools to make it as easy as possible for busy moms to get fit. But Nutrition is only half of it, you need to incorporate fitness to insure you are losing weight from fat and not from muscle.

FITNESS GUIDE: This section is full of great fitness related articles, tools and a FREE downloadable workout specific for moms. It also offers the EasyFitMom workout DVD which has a custom fitness plan targeting the areas that really expanded during pregnancy. It has beginner and advanced workouts with a short (15 min.) or long (40 min.) time options. And it includes a (20 min.) Mommy & Me workout. It was designed to fit the lifestyle of you, a busy Mom! By doing the EasyFitMom workout in conjunction with a healthy diet, you will quickly begin getting more energy, looking great, and feeling better!

SUCCESS TRACKER: This section has motivational quotes, success stories and the ability for you to track your success. There are two charts that allow you to monitor your progress, My Journey, which tracks the duration and weight loss and Calorie Intake, which illustrates the recommended daily calorie intake. These charts are updated immediately upon modifying your weight and/or the amount of breastfeeding being done. It also has a feature that allows you to compare your progress against the other EasyFitMoms. This program is designed to get you to your goal weight gradually and in a healthy way for both you and your baby.

Q: Can I see what it looks like?

A: Sure, you can “Take a Tour” of each section by clicking the links below:

Nutrition Center
Fitness Guide
Success Tracker

Q: How much does it cost?

A: There are three options with EasyFitMom:

1) The Total Program includes: One-year subscription to the Nutrition Center and the EasyFitMom Workout DVD. $64.95

2) The Nutrition Center includes:  One-year subscription to the Nutrition Center. $49.95

3) The Fitness Guide includes: The EasyFitMom Workout DVD. $19.95

Q: Do Moms really lose weight?

A:Yes. Here are just two stories from EasyFitMoms:

Sarah S. says…
“The EasyFitMom program has had a great impact on all facets of my life. I was in such a rut, struggling to get motivated to be serious about making a change to improve my eating habits and increase the exercise I was doing. It felt a little overwhelming with everything I was already juggling as a mom. EasyFitMom made it manageable by combining a great nutrition guideline, as well as a very effective fitness program. Once I started, I was amazed at how quickly the weight started coming off and how my body started transforming. When I first started, my goal was to lose 12 pounds. After 16 weeks, I have lost 20 pounds and am still losing more. Not only do I feel better about my body, but doing this program and making these positive changes has led me to be a happier person and a better mom and wife. EasyFitMom is a great program for moms like me that still have lingering baby weight to lose and need a push in the right direction. You will be really pleased with the results!”

Kristen D. says…
“When I started the EasyFitMom program I had a good 25lbs. worth of post baby weight and no idea of how to go about losing it. After my first son I really struggled to lose the weight especially while I was nursing, and it even got more difficult with my second. I began the program for a quick fix to losing weight. What I learned was that there is no “quick fix.” Losing weight and getting fit requires a healthy lifestyle, and needs to be a constant factor in everyday living.

With my first son, it took me two years to get the results I have gotten with EasyFitMom in only 16 weeks. I have not only lost pounds but those all-important inches, just where I wanted to lose them. I am 18lbs. lighter and counting, and feeling great. I am stronger, healthier, happier and fit. The EasyFitMom program made it possible to get these results with an easy nutrition plan that offered a wide selection of healthy meal options, and a fantastic fitness routine. All my expectations were exceeded with EasyFitMom. Simply put, the program works. ”

Q: How is it specific to Moms?

A:  From a Nutrition perspective: 1) it takes breastfeeding into consideration when calculating the daily calorie intake, 2) it focuses on gradual healthy weight loss to maintain strength and energy, 3) it has information and articles related to healthy nutrition for moms and children, and 4) it has features such as automatic grocery lists and weekly meal schedules which are necessary tools for busy moms.

From a Fitness perspective: 1) it has tips and articles on what the best and most effective exercises to do to tighten the tummy after childbirth and 2) it offers a Workout DVD specific to moms that targets those areas that expanded during pregnancy.

One thing you should know about EasyFitMom, is that it wasn’t created by a man who has never had the personal experience of childbirth and subsequent attempts at weight loss, it was envisioned and developed by a mom!

Meet creator Candice:
Our philosophy is very simple, healthy mommies, happy babies! My name is Candice and I am a proud mother of 2 little boys! I recently struggled to lose my pregnancy     weight or at least the last 20 pounds of it. Since there wasn’t a simple online nutrition plan that accounted for breastfeeding and was focused specifically for busy mom’s, and still affordable, I was inspired to launch a business just for us.

EasyFitMom offers a total program to help you not only lose the baby weight, but also gives you all the tools to maintain a healthy body.

Q: How do I know the number of ounces I am breastfeeding?

A: This is an estimation of number of ounces a breast fed baby is consuming by age.

AGE                         AVG. OUNCES
1 month                            19
2 months                          26
3 months                          29
4 months                          30
5 months                          31
6 months                          31
7 months                          30
8 months                          28
9 months                          27
10 months                        26
11 months                        24
12 months                        21
12+ months                      20

Q: How do I track my progress?

A: In the Success Tracker section you have the ability to track your success. There are two charts that allow you to monitor your progress, My Journey, which tracks the duration and weight loss and Calorie Intake, which illustrates the recommended daily calorie intake. These charts are updated immediately upon modifying your weight and/or the amount of breastfeeding being done. It also has a feature that allows you to compare your progress against the other EasyFitMoms.

Q: How can I add a recipe or food item to the database?

A: In the Nutrition Center, just to the right of the Search tab you will see an envelope icon with Submit a recipe written by it. Simply click the envelope and a window pops up allowing you to add the name, ingredients, directions, nutritional information and image. Upon review and approval your items will be added to the EasyFitMom database.

Q: How can I group the recipes and food items I usually eat?

A: In the Nutrition Center under the recipe/food item there is a select button, just under that button there is a heart icon. When you select the heart icon it adds that recipe/food item in your “Favorites” tab. You can use the Favorites tab to quickly populate your weekly meals without having to view the other recipes and food items.

Q: What other tools does the site offer?

A: In addition to the Assessment, Nutrition Center, Fitness Guide, and Success Tracker features, there are other tools the site offers, such as:

1. Recipe Search – select ingredients and it provides recipes with those ingredients
2. Automatic grocery list – select recipes/food items and it is automatically generated
3. Food Journal – to track what you actually eat
4. Nutritional Look-up – if you want nutritional info on items not in the database
5. Measurement converter – when you need to know how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon
6. Heart Rate Monitor chart – a guideline for how hard you should push yourself
7. Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator – % of your weight from fat
8. FREE Downloadable Workout